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Salary project

Company’s benefits:

  • The company reduces the cost of cashier;
  • Reducing the time and simplifying the procedure for giving the salary;
  • Making other payments on cards accounts (bonuses, administrative and trip related payments), which completely eliminates handling cash;
  • Confidentiality of the transferred amounts.

Employees’ benefits:

  • Making and issuing Visa Classic cards to the employees of the company - free of charge;
  • Free of charge cash withdrawal from the Visa Classic salary card at any ATM in the country;
  • Possibility to withdraw cash on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and abroad (in the currency of the country you visit);
  • Possibility to pay with the card at any point of sale in the Republic of Moldova, abroad and online;
  • Interest accumulated on your card account balance;
  • Possibility to add an additional card holder to your card account;
  • Connection of the services: SMS Banking,;
  • Obtaining consumer credits on accessible terms;
  • 24/24 Customer Support provided by BC «EuroCreditBank» S.A.;
  • 24/24 Customer Support provided by the International customer support service Visa International;
  • Special privileges and discounts in commercial centres located abroad offered by Visa International;
  • Participation in all promotions and campaigns run by BC «EuroCreditBank» S.A.

Wou can you benefit from a salary project

  • To launch the salary project, the company you work in has to sign a contract with BC «EuroCreditBank» S.A. on paying the salaries by means of bank cards;
  • The contract may be signed in any local subsidiary of the bank.

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