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Remote banking system offering optimal solutions for your business!

"Telebank-Business" enables the Bank's corporate customers to access banking product management services without having to appear in person, using their personal computer and the Internet.

"Telebank-Business" is a secure system whose implemented mechanisms ensure confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of transactions.

"Telebank-Business" operates in online mode, which will give you the possibility:

Viewing and printing:
Updated data on the status of accounts and payments made;
Account statements;
Payment orders;

View the exchange rate for any day;

Foreign exchange - buying/selling foreign currency against national currency;

Making national payments:

Transfers between accounts of the same customer BC "EuroCreditBank" SA;
Payments on the accounts of BC "EuroCreditBank" SA customers;
Payments on customer accounts opened in other banks in the Republic of Moldova;
Budget payments to the State Treasury;

Making international payments in foreign currency;

Storage and transmission of files and confirmatory documents;

Exporting/importing files from/into accounting systems.

Access to the "Telebank-Business" system can be made from anywhere in the world, from any computer, as long as you have access to the Internet. In using the system, users have the freedom to move from one device to another (for example, a payment document can be initiated from the PC/laptop and then confirmed and signed from the Smart Phone).

Advantages of connecting to "Telebank-Business":

Saving time and money - significantly reducing the time spent on banking transactions;
Ease of use - navigating the service page is simple and intuitive;
Comfort and security in performing operations - full confidentiality of data and transactions is ensured.

The "Telebank-Business" system for the convenience of the customer includes an add-on:

Mobile banking - Telebank Business - which can be downloaded from Google play or App Store;
Chatbot ECB TELEBANK - a special account from Telegram/Viber.

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