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Google Pay

Euro Credit Bank (ECB), is expanding its range of customer services, bringing advanced and convenient payment options to the forefront. Starting 29 August 2023, ECB is offering its customers the ability to make payments using Google Pay and Garmin Pay platforms, making the shopping experience easier in physical and online stores.

Google Pay: Simple, Fast and Secure

Google Pay is a platform that allows customers to pay quickly and securely using their smartphone. This innovative technology eliminates the need to carry physical cards and repetitively enter payment information into various apps or online stores. Using Google Pay, ECB customers can add their Visa cards to their digital wallet and make contactless payments in a variety of locations, from physical stores to apps and websites.

To pay with Google Pay, users simply unlock their phone and place it on top of the POS terminal. Once payments are authorised, they will receive a confirmation message. A key aspect of this solution is security: Google Pay uses a unique digital identifier called a token instead of actual card details, ensuring that payment information remains secure. Thus, the card data is not transmitted to the merchant, only the token associated with it.

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Additional ECB Visa Card Benefits

When you use your ECB Visa card for Google Pay payments, you still get the same benefits and level of protection offered by the bank. This ensures that your payments are protected at all times, and the benefits and security tools associated with the card are fully preserved.

Garmin Pay: Easy Payments Direct from Your Device

In addition to Google Pay, ECB also introduces the option to pay via Garmin Pay. Using this feature, customers with Garmin devices can make payments directly from their smartwatch or fitness tracker without having to take their phone or card out of their pocket. This adds an extra dimension of convenience and accessibility to the shopping experience.


The launch of Google Pay and Garmin Pay payments by Euro CreditBank opens new horizons in terms of flexibility and security of financial transactions. ECB customers can now enjoy modern, fast and secure shopping without relying exclusively on physical cards or cash. These innovative solutions reconfirm ECB's commitment to bring technology to the benefit of its customers, simplifying and improving the way we interact with banking and financial services in the digital age.

Termeni și condiții de atașarea cardurilor emise de EuroCreditBank în cadrul aplicației Google Pay

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