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Safe box

To ensure the security of your valuables and documents, BC "EuroCreditBank"S.A. offers you to use the rental service "Individual safe deposit boxes". With us your valuables are safe!

For guaranteed integrity of your precious goods and documents, we offer you to use individual safe boxes of our bank. Your peace of mind is more expensive than that dribblet you have to pay for use of safe box.

Safe box represents a small metal case-box built in a set (kind of automatic checking-room) placed in a special equipped room (storage). Safe box has individual special lock that can be opened simultaneously only with two keys. Safe storage is equipped by security and sprinkler systems at the European level. Security service of the bank control permanently storage room and access to the individual safe boxes.

You may store in the safe box: securities, money resources, jewelry, business documentation, and other goods important to you. Nobody, besides you or a person authorized by you could have access to the safe box. Bank guarantees full secret regarding content of the safe box and its holder's name.

To rent a safe box you have to present:

- internal passpor ( international passport or substituting document for foreign citizens residing temporary in the territory of RM);

- to pay the monthly rent for the lease of the individual safe.

Rates for individuals (click here)

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