3D Secure

As of February 01, 2016 due to a new 3D Secure technology developed by Visa International and MasterCard WorldWide  provided by BC "EuroCreditBank" S.A.,your online purchases become even more protected and thus can be carried out quickly, without any risks, under maximum safety.

The 3D Secure service is an international security standard developed by Visa (Verified by Visa) and MasterCard (Mastercard Secure Code). Pay online under maximum safety with cards issued by BC "EuroCreditBank" S.A., through the offered3D Securesystem. This system adds additional protection to all online purchases with a debit/ credit card endowed with the 3D Secure system.  

The advantages of the 3D Secure system

The advantages of enrolling and activating the card in the 3D Secure system for online purchases are:

  • Lower risks in regards to online frauds, due to the introduction of an additional password for the online purchase process from the sites registered with "Verified by Visa" or "MasterCard Secure Code".
  • Should your card be active with 3D Secure and later used illegally by a third party in an online store that does not have this protection system, the cardholder will prevail in the dispute of the transaction amount (the dispute will be settled with the refund). 
  • The connection and further use of "Verified by Visa" and " MasterCard SecureCode" service is free of charge.

How do you pay?

Once you have decided what exactly would you like to buy and have entered the products into your shopping cart on the website of the seller, enter your BC "EuroCreditBank" S.A.card data.

  • Card type: Visa, Mastercard
  • Name (same as it is indicated on the card itself)
  • Card number
  • Card expiration date
  • CVV2- the 3 digits series on the back of the card
  • A separate screen will ask for the 3D Secure password ( 8-14 characters )

*If the authentication was successful (the password is correct), the transaction is sent for processing same as a common transaction.


Useful Advice!

  • Remember your password. It will be inserted every time you wish to pay with your card on the websites displaying the logo Verified by Visaand/orMasterCard Secure Code;
  • Use for your 3D Secure password another combination to your PIN code and avoid using easily guessed data.
  • Pay with the card only in online stores with good reputation that display the 3D Secure logo.  
  • Make sure that the transaction authentication page contains the Verified by Visaand/or MasterCard Secure Codelogo, and the greeting message you received upon activation.  

The presence of such elements proves that the transaction is authenticated by the bank, and the information will not be disclosed to any third party. Do not enter the identification data or your 3D Secure password if either of the aforementioned elements is missing!


  • Do not reply to e-mails that redirect you to websites where you are asked under various reasons, confidential information on your bank accounts, your card number, its expiration date, your PIN code or your 3D Secure password. No bank, online store or any other institution requests such information by e-mail!  
  • When you carry out online payments in public places, make sure no one around you is able to see when you enter your 3D Secure password. 
  • If you suspect someone else had access to your password, let the bank know immediately.
  • Avoid making card payments from computers to which unknown people have had access.



If you would like to benefit from this service, you can open any Visa or MasterCard in BC"EuroCreditBank" S.A.by visiting www.ecb.md .


Activate on-line the service SecureCode EuroCreditBank: